2019 Application

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Thank you for applying to Out of Bounds!

Important Dates

  • This year's festival will be from August 27th to September 2nd
  • We will send out acceptance emails in the beginning of July
  • The last day to apply to the festival will be March 31st

Application Fee

Early Bird (before the end of Feburary) solo/duo: $15, 3+ people: $35
Regular Bird (after February) solo/duo: $25, 3+ people: $45

Act Details

Only fill this out if your show title should be different from your group or performer name.
Select all that apply
This is meant to persuade reviewers and won't be visible to the public. What makes your act special?
Accepted acts will have this content published on our website and programs. Use third person active voice, e.g. "Miller & Lies is..." See an example"Miller & Lies is a comedy duo that performs a single story with awkward, emotionally vulnerable oddball characters. They've been doing improv together for ten years. Come hang with them and feel your feelings."
List any previous festival appearances, awards you've won, and any additional press materials (quotes, links to reviews, etc)

Primary Location

Leave blank if not applicable. Just a single name is needed. Please do not write a short story about how and why no one place truly represents you.

Image Upload

Accepted acts will have their submitted photo used for the festival website, trading cards and programs.

Image Criteria

  • Image should be very large, at least 600 × 600 pixels
  • The uploaded file size needs to be under 10MB (use JPEG!)
  • Photos preferred; graphics or logos are fine but no text.

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Cast and Crew

Please list everyone that will be attending the festival.

Contact Information

Submission Contact

In case we need to get ahold of you in regards to your submission, who is the best person to contact?

Performance Requirements

Set Length


Special Requirements (Improv & Sketch Only)

Video URL

For standup, submit an unedited 5-15 minute video from a recent performance.

Please submit a URL to a video of a performance of the act you intend to bring to Out of Bounds from the past 12 months.

Video sketches and other fully-edited videos are not accepted.

Social Media

Accepted acts will have their social media links listed on the festival website.


Which days of the festival are you able to attend? Availability beyond Friday & Saturday will greatly increase your chances of being accepted into the festival.

Travel Agreement

If you are from out of town, we will need your travel information at least 30 days before the festival. Will you be able to provide this? Failure to do so can result in your act being pulled.

Application Fee

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Thank you for applying!

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